SAINT DAVIS is a sustainable, London based, fine jewellery brand that takes inspiration from the natural world.


SAINT DAVIS is built on circular practices. All pieces are hand carved in jewellers wax before being cast at a family-owned casting house in London, using recycled solid sterling silver or 9ct gold. Pieces are intended to last beyond our lifetime; therefore, no gold plating or vermeil is used. Any transport required for the making of your piece prior to being sent to you is carbon offset. All packaging is organic and recycled.


After casting, each piece is taken to the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London for hallmarking. Hallmarking is one of the oldest forms of customer protection, its purpose is to determine the quality of fine metals. SAINT DAVIS pieces are given a full British hallmark, usually on the inside of the band.


Each piece is handmade and, like growth of the plants and flowers and that lend inspiration to the jewellery, the making of the pieces takes time. Meticulous craft goes into each product. As with most things in the natural world, wildflowers grow to almost perfection in their appearance, but no two are the same. Variation is natural and should be celebrated. Each piece made by SAINT DAVIS is carved from scratch and is slightly unique, so your piece is personal to you.


The name SAINT DAVIS is taken from the founder, Daniel Saint-Davis’ surname. Dan’s mum's maiden name is Saint and dad's Davis. After joining their names, Dan inherited the combination. The signature logo is created from Dan's mum's handwriting of ‘SAINT’ and his dad's handwriting of ‘DAVIS’.


The brand was born when Dan was looking for a personalised ring for his 30th birthday and decided to create a unique ring for himself. He fell in love with the process and for the past year and a half he’s been making jewellery for himself, friends and family. Making other people’s ideas come to life was rewarding, but about 6 months ago the ideas for the first collection started to form and Dan stopped making custom rings and started to create his first collection. This is how the "Floral Home” collection was born. As the idea for making jewellery was born at home in Devon, Dan wanted to pay homage with a collection that reminded him of home.

Founder, Daniel Saint-Davis “When I began piecing together the elements of SAINT DAVIS, I wanted to weave my personal values throughout the brand. Firstly, sustainability and protecting the natural world when creating each design, which is why we produce our designs in small batches using recycled materials, considered packaging, and production off-set practices. Secondly, family and feeling close to home which is why my debut collection is inspired by home and our logo is the handwriting of my Mother “SAINT” and Father “DAVIS” combined.”